Hunting Cabin Destroyed in Arson (France)

Originally published in Attaque:

According to local newspapers, a hunting lodge was completely destroyed by arson.

At about 4:30 pm, people walking up the Hérin road that connects in the fields Wallers-Arenberg to Bellaing called the fire department to report a fire.

Six firemen from the Anzin fire station intervened to contain the fire, which only took ten minutes using a single small hose. The room that caught fire was a metal container that the hunters of the Moulin des Fourches used as a kind of club house to rest and eat during their hunting trips.

The container is totally destroyed, as well as the furniture that was inside: table, chairs, sofa, gas stove. According to the firemen, this fire is obviously criminal.

Christophe Demarque, the former gamekeeper, who was present at the scene, confirms that this is not the first time that acts of vandalism have been committed against the premises. Ironically, the container was to be moved in July. “Now, there is nothing left to do but to scrap it,” he says.