New Statement from Animal Liberation Prisoner Maxim Plokhoi

Ukraine: A regular court session was held via videoconference (due to the war).

(More information on Maxim is here:

Maxim had a white bandage over his head with the inscription THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

Maxim: “Beings gifted with reason, will, feeling and speech; beings who know the thirst for meaning and justice, capable of love and freedom … We have learned to use all these gifts for animalistic life, to squander the evil power of instinct. Humans… is the only kind of animals capable of brutality. Who played a cruel joke on us? Life? But isn’t life the work of our hands? Do we reap not what we sow? Where is the way out of the labyrinth of ignorance?!

Thou shalt not kill… we need to go back to this and start over. To return by negating the false. To return by realizing the unity of all living beings, the unity of Life.

Start with yourself, stop your participation in everything that serves and contributes to the suffering and death of living beings. Stop being part of the system of lies.

Killing a person begins with killing an animal. True love begins with compassion for all living things; the meaning of life is in this.

Thou shalt not kill – we need to go back to this… Go back and start over.

Don’t look at others, look into yourself, listen to yourself.



(enclosed photos are from Autumn 2021)