Ukranian Animal Liberation Prisoner Maxim Plokhoi Weighs in on War (Ukraine)

News from the trial of Maksim Plokhoi:

Due to martial law, the last court session was held remotely via videoconference. The prosecutor asked the court to extend the detention of the defendant in prison. In response, Maxim made a statement:

Photo: Maxim holding a poster with the text: “Hostages of lies.” He says: “We, the people, are hostages of the system, hostages of lies about love…”

“For the second year, officials of the system have been claiming that I am a terrorist.  They judge me by themselves. I publicly stated to journalists that real terrorist is not me but people like Putin to whom the whole political world plays up to… It’s finished now… I have written in my book 10 years ago who are people like Putin are.

The war is the result of a global lie of the system, which I opposed more than a year and a half ago. I took up arms not by order of the authorities, not to increase my wealth… I took up arms to protect those who cannot defend themselves. A terrorist is not one who takes up arms on the demand of conscience. A terrorist is one who takes up arms to fulfill the will of the one who pays him.

Justice… people remember it when a knife is near THEIR throat… Fear, suffering, death – everything that millions of people experience during the 20 days of the war – all this, billions of animals experience all their lives – every day, every minute . Unlike humans, they cannot resist. They die in silence. Why do we humans decide that this injustice is less terrible?! Where have we, the only animal species capable of brutality,taken the right to consider our life and freedom more important?!

The Day of the Anti-System was a protest against terrorism in the law, against the injustice of the existing order of life. I am right… but not by the right that you judge me – not by the right of the system that raises Putins, but by the right to life for billions of animals, I am right according to the law of Conscience. Prison makes me stronger. Therefore, your decisions are indifferent to me.”