Excavator, Bulldozers Sabotaged in Defense of Atlanta Forest (Georgia, USA)

March, Flowery Branch, Georgia USA.

PHOTO: Anonymous artwork published by the Defend the Atlanta Forest campaign group.

Received anonymously:

To Reeves Young:

You will have noticed by now that several of your machines have ceased to function, their arteries corroded from within. Last week, we sabotaged six Earth-raping machines——including two large excavators and a bulldozer——at a Reeves Young construction site in Flowery Branch, Georgia. So long as you continue to contract with the Atlanta Police Foundation for the destruction of the South Atlanta Forest, and the construction of a Cop City in its place, know that your equipment is not safe. Your offices are not safe. Your homes are not safe.

Unless your company chooses to pull out of the APF’s Cop City project of its own volition, we will undermine your profits so severely that you’ll have no choice but to drop the contract. A recent article in the AJC estimated that forest defenders already “have done hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to utility equipment.” Our conservative estimate places you now hundreds of thousands deeper in the red. Though we fight in defense of the forest, against Cop City, our struggle is not contained there. Wherever you are, we will find you. All fields are battlefields. All machines are targets.

To our friends:

Solidarity means attack. If you hate the cops and love the forest; if you feel as we do that they have already taken too much from us——venture into the night and fight back. Sabotage and vandalize. Don’t get caught. By bleach, sand or fire, you can destroy the Earth destroyers. (Read Chapter 5 of “Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching” for details——practice good security if searching online.) We will not sit idly by as they desolate one of our last wild spaces, all to sharpen their tools of mass domestication. The logic of death ends with us. We choose life.

We do not need more training centers for the police to practice killing us. We do not need more Amazon warehouses for two-hour delivery of fleshlights and Quest bars. What we need is what we already have, what Reeves Young aims to ruin: spaces free from Empire; soil, roots and water, mutually healing; trees bending in the wind; a friend’s eyes shining in the light of the fire.

We will not rest, so neither will our enemies. In solidarity with all those locked in cages; in solidarity with all those combating Russian and Amerikkkan imperialism——let us strike without fear at everything which confines and assails us. May the flame that burns inside us burn everything around us.

With burning heart,
Anonymous Drivers of the Nomadic War Machine