Maxim Plokhoi on the Ukrainian War and the Oppression of Animals

Maxim Plokhoi has this to say about the war of aggression being waged against the Ukrainian people. As you may recall, Maxim forced the Ukrainian president to recommend his 40+ million citizens view Earthlings, the movie detailing animal oppression, cruelty, suffering and murder at the hands of humans. Maxim currently awaits sentencing in Ukraine; he is charged with cases under 7 articles: hostage-taking with the aim of inducing authorities to certain actions, terrorism, illegal possession and handling of weapons and explosives, attempted murder of police officers (7 police victims and also one general and the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), these are 4 severe charges and 3 milder. It is expected he is to be given 10 to 15 years in prison or life sentence. He never harmed anyone.


This movie [Earthlings] is about WAR.

The most bloodthirsty, cruel and unfair war in the history of the EARTH – the war of people against other animal species. A war of total, commonly accepted violence against the defenseless, unable to resist. This WAR is the root cause and ground of all wars between humans, It is the firing ground for our cruelty.

I stood up for billions of living beings. One is not born a human, one becomes a human by the struggle for justice. Get up, become a human

[The President of Ukraine] Zelensky recommend watching the film ‘Earthlings’


A war… where does it begin?

The false system of values, the system of lies about the meaning of human life, about its goals and motives. The generally accepted lie of the consumer society, multiplied by everyone’s self-deception leads to this result: the lack of striving for the truth.

Indifference to life itself, to the suffering and death of another human being begins with indifference to the life, the suffering and the death of the animals.

Killing a human being begins with killing an animal. By physically killing living beings, we commit spiritual suicide, which concludes with physical suicide: a war.

At the energy level, all living beings are one – one life, one blood, one and all-encompassing feeling …

Awareness of oneself as the Life of Everything is the salvation of a human. Salvation from the war with oneself.