2021 Liberation Report (Czech Republic)

Darkness has fallen down. I can hear only my own breath and steps in a muddy field. It is a couple minutes before the action. The spotter gives us a green light. We are coming closer to the place of torture. The closer we get, the heavier the odor gets.

Last look back and we are inside the hall. Routine is still the same. Take the animals and get them out, seeing what they had to live through in between those concrete walls soaked by the smell of despair. A screenplay for the action is identical, but the feelings are a little different, mixed and always depressive. Dead bodies lying on the floor. Sorrowful looks of mutilated animal beings with no space to move around, spread their wings, no chance to feel fresh air and a solid ground beneath their feet. Even though the only thing separating them from freedom is fucking door and fence. We are on our way out, carrying a few saved lives. Feelings are still depressive, but slightly better because of the survivors.

Last year we managed to liberate 190 animals from factory farms and 38 from laboratories.