Prisoner Write-In: Ladislav Kuc

While we encourage our supporters to write any and all animal liberation prisoners (see our current compilation here:, this month we are highlighting  Ladislav Kuc, imprisoned in Slovakia for attempted arson at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Accused of illegal possession of arms, manufacturing of explosives, and terrorism for bombing in front of a McDonald’s on December 28, 2011 in which there were no injuries, he was traced after almost a year when the police tracked down the producer of a timer found at the crime scene and also mail communications between Ladislav and the manufacturer. During a house search police found materials related to ALF and components for another bomb.

He was sentenced to 23.5 years in 2016. Please be patient with correspondence, and as usual, please don’t write about any alleged crimes.

Write to Ladislav here:

Ladislav Kuc
Guchano VA 19/670
Priecinok 7
Leopoldov 92041

If they haven’t got prisoners, we have stopped fighting. If our prisoners are forgotten about, they have beaten us.” -Keith Mann, ALF activist and former prisoner