Best. Christmas Present. Ever.

A Gift for the Animals this Holiday Season

This time of year is traditionally associated with the giving of gifts, and the oppressed, tortured and brutalized animals all around us could certainly use some of that generosity. Those of us already involved in animal activism typically consider giving our money to a variety of organizations that purport to help animals, and those same organizations are happy to absorb your gifts into their multi-million dollar efforts to help animals, paying their employees, rent and the expenses of raising, yes, more money. All well and good, but for those of us who really want to do the most we can for the animals, consider doing what the animals would suggest, if they could.

Join the Animal Liberation Front. Anyone can do it, there are no monthly dues or tax write-offs to worry about, and nothing, nothing does more to aid the plight of exploited and abused animals than direct action. Any one who is vegan and liberates animals from conditions of abuse, or inflicts economic sabotage against those who abuse animals, and makes every effort not to harm any living being in the process can claim they are part of the ALF. This means you!

Typically those wishing to participate in direct action have either acted alone or gotten together with others they could trust and just started doing actions. ALF cells operate independently, and typically are begun locally by like-minded individuals who get together and decide to take action against animal abusers. To begin learning about direct action, start here ( and follow the links where they may take you. Only you can decide what action to take, when to get started, and how much longer the animals must wait for liberation.

This year, give the gift of love! Help animals in the most meaningful way possible. Join the ALF!