Update from Ukrainian Activist Maxim Plokhoi

From a Ukrainian supporter:

Enclosed are some photos of Maxim, the Ukrainian activist who took hostages in a bus a year ago, from the court, where hearings are being held about the incident, with signs saying: Earthlings, free the hostages

As Maxim says, he is doing best of all. The trial is still in process – there are many complainants or ‘victims’ in the case who all need to be questioned (13 hostages and 7 police officers) and, moreover, the local police department, which was right beside the place where Maxim brought the bus to. It is expected to last until next summer.

“EARTHLINGS, RELEASE THE HOSTAGES” is the text of the leaflet that will decorate the windows of shopping malls, meat departments, restaurants, leather and fur boutiques, hunting shops, decorate the walls of farms, meat packing plants, sausage factories, vivisectoral laboratories … wherever there is suffering and death of animals, where terrorism has been turned into a business – one need to awaken one’s conscience with an appeal: “EARTHLINGS, RELEASE THE HOSTAGES”