Smash and Grabs This Holiday Season

From a supporter:
When you tire of your greed and your trashing of our retail stores, I have a suggestion for some beneficial Smash & Grabs where you can use your skills and be proud of the results.
Gather all your supporters and Smash into the closest factory farm, then Grab a chicken, turkey, piglet, calf, rabbit or any other animal which you can carry. Bring them to the nearest animal sanctuary, to a vet or to anyone who will foster. You may also do a Smash & Grab of any “livestock” transport trucks on route to be gassed and murdered—these trucks being so similar to those boxcars used during the 3rd Reich to transport Jews, Poles, Russians and others to their holocaustal death.
Thus, you can practice your art of break-ins and at the same time perform something necessary, compassionate and ethical to all of society, especially to the vulnerable, innocent animals we torture to death.  Consider it a Christmas present to those most in need.
Actually, we’d like our governments, legislators and politicians to help end factory farming but they just cannot seem to care about animal slavery, suffering and murder.
Here’s a list of FFs for your convenience.
James Miller