New 700+ Page A.L.F. Writing Collection Available Again

New 700+ page A.L.F. writing collection available again

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Last month, former ALF activist Peter Young released a 700+ page book compiling nearly everything written by the Animal Liberation Front in North America. (full writeup here). The book sold out on Amazon in one day, and availability has been a challenge since. Get yours NOW!

Sections of the comprehensive book include:
1. How It Was Done- Members of the ALF share how they carried out some of their greatest raids
2. Interviews- With Alf activists
3. Essays- Writings from ALF activists
4. Communiques- Anonymous claims of responsibility issued after ALF actions
5. How-To Guides- How to carry out ALF actions

“Thanks for supporting this project I assembled to provide history with the definitive look inside the Animal Liberation Front.”  -Peter Young