Over 110,000 UK gun owners’ details leaked by animal rights activists

By Emma Soteriou

The names and addresses of over 110,000 UK gun owners have been leaked by animal rights activists.

Authorities are investigating the data breach linked to selling platform Guntrader.

It saw 111, 295 users’ details released in July, with activists sharing the details on a blog, according to tech website The Register.

The document was later reformatted as a Google Earth-compatible map that showed individual locations, with demonstrators telling followers to “contact as many as you can in your area and ask them if they are involved in shooting animals”.

Though intended to discourage gun owners from bloodsports, there have since been concerns that details could fall into the hands of criminals.

The severe risk could not only impact those with firearm certificates, but also those who may have moved house to one of the locations listed in recent months.

The document was deleted by Google.