Ginger Pig Butcher Targeted Again (UK)

Received anonymously:

‘The Ginger Pig’ have many stores across the city. Last night, we made our way to their branch near Clapham Common. This area has recently had a lot of attention on it after the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a police officer. Naturally, they swore more would plague the streets. Last night, their presence was definitely felt, we were feeling stubborn though.

After a series of close encounters, our target windows were in sight. And so was a delivery truck. Doors wide open, proudly displaying the cruelty that compelled us to be there. The additional delay wasn’t ideal but this came as a heavy reminder of what we were there to do and why we were there to do it. No matter how many blue lights and sirens ripped through the sky, we weren’t going to be deterred. The slim possibility of being thrown into a van handcuffed felt very minimal in comparison to the animals’ certainty of being thrown into one bloody and dismembered.

Once the truck had fucked off and a comfortable amount of time had passed, we attacked. Cops protect property not people but turns out they couldn’t even do that.