New Mom Risks It All To ‘Liberate Animals’ From Inhumane Farms

She even claims that she’s ready to go to jail for her crimes, even though she has a 15-week-old newborn daughter.

Tuesday Goti has devoted her life to the protection of animals, but there are those who feel that the vegan activist may have taken things too far. The mother from Ireland has admitted to stealing livestock from local farms in an effort to “liberate” the animals. She even claims that she’s ready to go to jail for her crimes, even though she has a 15-week-old newborn daughter.

The 33 year old animal liberator was freeing the animals even while nine months pregnant. She even told the Daily Mail that she was shot at on one occasion. Alongside her 39 year old husband, Andrew, she runs an organization called Expose NI.

Animal rights is more than a shared passion, it was the activity that first brought the couple together. They met at a demonstration and often take part in candlelit ‘vigils’ out front of slaughterhouses, as well as running these events, they call liberations. The local authorities, however, call them crimes.

Animal Liberation is typically credited to Philosopher Peter Singer. It was the title of Singer’s book in 1975 that changed the way many saw the role animals should play in society. It is often cited as one of the inspirations behind modern veganism and the extreme philosophies of activists like Goti, who are willing to risk everything for her four-legged friends.

Tuesday first began her journey at five years old, becoming a vegetarian around the same time many children first learn how to cross the street. By 16, she was a full-fledged vegan and devoted to a life of helping animals.

She and her husband met through their animal-rights work and were married in 2018. Two years later, they brought daughter Arabella into the world. She is being raised as a vegan, just like her parents.

The life of liberating animals began on a pig farm when the couple drove past and spied an open side gate. Once inside, she discovered the sheds to be unlocked and walked in. That’s when she saw a sight that she calls “appalling”. After taking photos and video, she grabbed a three week old pig, left, and it began her dangerous life of liberating.

“These farms have CCTV; we sometimes have to climb fences or scale walls,” Tuesday confessed to the Mail.

Those who see her work as a conflict with her maternal duties need only ask Goti, who sees it very differently. To her, the work she does with animals is to benefit her daughter, so that she can one day live in a world where people treat all creatures with respect.

Her excessive methods, however, aren’t applauded by the Vegan Society. The group has made sure to distance themselves from her more aggressive approach.

A spokesperson for the society told the Daily Mail:

“The Vegan Society is not involved in and nor does it condone any illegal activity. Our work involves providing evidence-based information to individuals, companies, health professionals, caterers, retailers and politicians on issues related to veganism. Our website provides information on all aspects of veganism and we campaign on a number of issues, including vegan advocacy and vegan food provision in public canteens.”

For those looking to do more, the society offered this advice, “We also provide tools for activists such as leaflets and advice on effective and peaceful outreach. We encourage vegan advocates to consider how their actions are viewed by the non-vegans they are targeting because a poor choice of tactics may result in the public becoming defensive, rather than listening to their message.”

Tuesday, however, is steadfast. The Irish mum has her methods and holds firm. Her daughter, she says, is her inspiration.

“I want her to know that her mum tried so hard to make a better world for her, protect the planet and her future, and stand up for the animals.”