Pandemic Culture by camille marino

Pandemic Culture

by camille marino

For purposes of this essay, I ask that the dozen or so people still concerned about Animal Liberation humor me and assume two facts:

  • Covid-19 has killed 100s of 1000s of people and; and,
  • Wearing a mask is an effective method of protecting oneself & others.

I have no doubt that this zoonotic disease is real and has devastated a lot of people. (Although not a single human has been affected anywhere close to the devastation we regularly & carelessly visit upon our nonhuman brethren.) I personally know a few people who’ve been diagnosed and expired shortly thereafter, many more who showed no symptoms or fully recovered. And debating whether those who jumped from a plane without a parachute are included in the fatality stats or whether it’s some asinine new world order conspiracy are distractions. Whether one is right-leaning or left-leaning tends to influence whether they view the current coronavirus as a threat to liberty or a threat to life itself, respectively. Let me clear this up: the only threat is the one we pose to the animal nations. The simple fact is that, no matter where one falls on the political spectrum, they’re likely an integral & active part of our Pandemic Culture.

I challenge anyone to name a recent pandemic that was not zoonotic in nature; that is, that did not directly result from humans destroying wildlife habitats & decimating our natural barriers or by eating animals. Go ahead, I’ll wait… mad cow, ebola, bird flu, swine flu, SARS… nope, I can’t think of any either; but you can get back to me. In fact, you can discount me as a fanatic or extremist, but you may not dismiss the Brookings Institute as easily:

“The devastation wrought by COVID-19 underscores the need for measures to minimize the chances of another zoonotic pandemic. That means radically changing how humans interact with wildlife and natural habitats, preserving terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, and overhauling food production. Otherwise, another contagion originating from animals could arrive at any time, compounding the disastrous legacy of COVID-19.”

For 43 years, I believed that drinking cow’s milk was natural and healthy & that stuffing bread up a murdered turkey’s anal cavity was a festive way to celebrate family. I wasn’t told that heart disease was a wholly-avoidable leading cause of death. Nor was I aware that high cholesterol, obesity, late-onset diabetes and a host of other standard diseases were caused by eating animals. Like everyone else, I simply learned that big-pharma drugs would alleviate the symptoms. Now we have covid. Same system, different sickness. And while the morning news has catchy little segments like “vaccination nation,” no one is telling us the truth. We are all responsible.

I’m guessing that neither Sean Hannity nor Rachel Maddow got on their respective soap boxes recently to rail against our culture’s complicity in creating zoonotic illnesses. Every single person who continues to eat, wear, or otherwise use animal products is utterly delusional and sickeningly entitled to demand that others wear facial petri dishes to protect them while they actively cultivate yet the next pandemic. Every medium promotes the absurdity that we’re all in this together and most appear to have digested it without question. Sorry to rain on everyone’s animal exploitation parade, but, as long as our culture embraces a wholesale animal holocaust, I’m not in this with anyone but your nonhuman victims… and we all reap what we sew.

So, then, vegans get a free pass, right? Nah, not exactly. Every single vegan who finally crawled out from hiding under the table in 2020 to throw their alleged convictions and the nonhumans under a bus, advocated for animal-torture vaccines, and unabashedly began publicly worshipping the nation’s top vivisector, the degenerate Anthony Fauci, is a special kind of loathsome human-supremacist hypocrite. Maybe they can find one of those equally-useless animal rights philosophers with whom to discuss their new utilitarian bent. In the meantime, I suggest these vegans go find themselves one of those magnanimous vivisectors who are offering all kinds of rewards if they’ll sign up to be human vivisection subjects for their vaccine. Go on, get your dna tweaked. It’ll be fine. And I can hardly think of anyone more deserving.

I thought I’d come to terms with the fact that I live in an insane society a long time ago – we murder the innocent for profit, wear skins torn off their bleeding bodies for style, and eat their remains three times a day while giving thanks to some deity. We sing songs about peace on earth while carving up a pig whose last bloody screams on this earth were ignored. And then when our selfish perversions come back and only begin to give the human race back an infinitesimal iota of the karmic retribution we so justly deserve, we turn our fear and hatred on people who won’t wear on a diaper on their face?! Mutating our RNA and petri dish masks is a solution? That this makes sense to any single individual is incomprehensible. We’ve gone beyond insanity to full-blown social psychosis.

So next time you want to leer at my bare face in a supermarket from behind your mask while you’re grazing in a frozen cemetery or deli case of dismembered animals, I invite you to approach me so we can have a cozy little face-to-face chat.