Undercover police officer Bob Lambert ‘planted Debenhams firebomb’

The Times (UK)
by Fiona Hamilton

An undercover police officer who infiltrated an animal rights group was yesterday accused of planting a firebomb at a department store.

Activists convicted of the attack on three branches of Debenhams in 1987 believe that Bob Lambert, an undercover police officer, put down one of the devices, a public inquiry was told.

Lawyers for the activists, who served lengthy prison sentences, said that undercover police officers engaged in entrapment and “acted as agent provocateurs”.

It was the latest revelation to the public inquiry into undercover policing, which has already been told that officers used the identities of at least 19 dead children, had long-term deceitful relationships with their targets in environmental groups and infiltrated movements including campaigns against apartheid.

Matthew Ryder, QC, acting for more