Message From Maxim Plokhoi, Ukrainian Activist

On the 21st of July Maxim Krivozh (Maxim Plokhoi) took 13 hostages in a bus in Lutsk, Ukraine and declared this day an ‘Anti–System Day’. He did not demand any money or recognition. He only demanded the heads of the courts, prisons, police, Ukrainian intelligence service, Parliament and ministries of Defence and Justice, the Prime-Minister, the Oligarchs and the heads of the churches (he named them all) to admit publicly that they are the real terrorists who also govern the country.

He also demanded that the president of the country post a video where he recommends ‘everybody to watch the film ‘Earthlings’.  

When I had read about this incident in the news I immediately got curious. I found Maxim’s book on the web and started reading it, while he was still keeping the hostages. After reading a couple of pages I knew straight away that he would not harm anybody; when he said that he injured one of the hostages, I knew he was lying. He allowed bringing water and food to the hostages.

In his book ‘The Philosophy of an Offender. Apology for Freedom. Anti-System’ he claims that the biggest injustice is that the hypocritical State with all its power owns a monopoly on crimes and evil with the biggest crimes being wars and corruption at the expense of its people and at the same time punishes everybody else who breaks their rules and laws.

He spent 14.5 years in prisons for crimes like robberies and arms possession and during these years he was reading every day, largely focusing on philosophy and psychology. He criticizes the whole penitentiary and justice systems we have, saying that they only reinforce more evil and do not correct the offenders. While educating himself in prison he realized how the world is incredibly unjust with the essence of humanity being hidden from the people. He states that love is the only Truth and only presence and solely presence of love can distinguish good from evil, otherwise it is relative and can be hidden under various labels. He claims to be freer than all of us because he is free from any fear and can do anything he thinks is right to do here and now. Upon release from prison he volunteered for 5 years rescuing stray animals.

After 11 hours the president of Ukraine recommended ‘Earthlings’ on his FB page in a video-message.

Thirty minutes later Maxim released all the hostages, they were all alive and healthy. In fact later, according to Ukrainian media, the hostages described Maxim positively and told that he was not threatening them. The film got the largest attention in the Russian-speaking web.

Now Maxim is detained. He will be tried in the court as a terrorist. I got in touch with him recently and he asked me to contact you and send you the message below. The translation is mine, Maxim does not speak English. He does not know about my text above.
Best regards,

Maxim’s text:

In 2006, the “Anti-Terrorist Livestock Act” came into force in the United States. Its essence is in the following: if protests entail losses to the meat industry, then its participants can be jailed as terrorists. This was preceded by a statement by the deputy director of the FBI anti-terrorist centre, John Lewis: “The most important terrorist threat in the country is ecoterrorism, the movement for protection of animal rights”. This law and this “legal terrorist”, John Lewis, resemble the whole pettiness and insignificance of the System. The government of the state that carried out the largest terrorist attacks in history – Hiroshima and Nagasaki – declares the following organisations as terrorists: “Earth Liberation Front”, “Animal Liberation Front”, “Sea Shepherd Conservation Society” (Paul Watson), “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty” (Jerry Vlasak, Pamelyn Ferdin).

‘America’ – sounds vile. Dependant ‘independent Ukraine’ just changed its terrorist-owner: from Russia to America. That is why I am honoured to be a “terrorist” under your laws; I am proud to have drawn attention to the terrible truth about the terrorism of the non-Guilty that is being told in the film ‘Earthlings’. The System only understands its own language – the language of power. MAXIMAL ACTION – this is an action of the One. I am your bad conscience