Rat Traps Destroyed (UK)

Received anonymously:

Everywhere there’s humans there’s usually rat traps. Find them and get rid of them as often as you can. Rats deserve to not be poisoned, glued or to have their necks or backs broken in traps just because they exist.

You almost always find rat traps at gas stations and supermarket bins. We found these round the back of a few supermarkets. We covered our faces and cut the thin metal wired attaching the traps to the wall. It was easy. We then took them to a discrete place and smashed them open. Inside we found poison cookies. Don’t chuck the poison in the regular bin or a rat or someone else will probably eat them and die. Dispose of them properly, you can put them in dog poo bins as they will be burned not dumped. The plastic part of the trap we smashed and chucked in the bin.

Smash traps all year and remember the cull starts soon so get ready for smashing badger cages in particular!