Fur Coats Spray Painted (Sweden)

Received anonymously:

We have sprayed many fur scum. Here is a few of them. Fur = murder.

In solidarity with Richii Klinsmeister. He was sentenced to 6 month, only for speaking in a megaphone at a demo agaist a fur farm, in Glomen, Sweden.

At the demo the animal abuser Niclas Petterson (Kärralyckavägen 6, Glomen, Sweden, tel: 0046708696121), assaulted Richii.

After this, the corrupt police let the farmer go, and instead accused Richii of treaspassing, wich was nothing but a lie of course.

Please support Richii in any way you can while he is in prison.

And please help closing the fur farm in Glommen by all means neccesary.