Police release image of animal rights graffiti sprayed by vandals at chicken farm near Digby

Lincolnshire Police have now released a image of some of animal rights graffiti sprayed by vandals who attacked a chicken farm at Digby over the weekend.

By Andy Hubbert
Sleaford Standard

The incident was reported to police on Saturday and rural wildlife and heritage crime officer Pc Martin Green said the chicken barn attacked at Digby on the Walcott Common was thankfully empty of birds at the time. He said: “This is a free range, organic chicken farm, where the birds are housed within the building and allowed free access during the day outside in large paddock areas.

“The barn is completely open from one end to the other and the birds are not kept in cages.”Organic free range chicken farms have the highest welfare standards. Pc Green went on: “The unit had been cleaned out and was awaiting arrival of birds, the drinking system along with the feed rails were damaged and then further damage was done to the egg collection system.

“Windows were smashed and graffiti sprayed inside and outside with various childish comments along with ALF, pointing to members of the Animal Liberation Front being involved.” However, he said it is believed that the actions may more likely be those of vegan animal activists.

Several thousand pounds worth of damage was caused.

The chickens were due to be delivered that day and were kept waiting without water for most of the morning until engineers could repair the feeding systems.

If anybody has any information, they should ring 101 and quote incident 67 of 13/6/2020.

There have been three similar incidents also reported in the area – people commenting on the police Facebook page said at least one was in the Heckington Fen area on Friday night, where up to 100 chickens were taken from a free range egg farm.

If anyone saw anything suspicious between 10pm and 6am, or you notice your neighbours have some new chickens, contact the police. Chicken and duck shed owners are asked to beware and revise security especially in remote areas.