71 Hens Liberated (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal:

UK lockdown was announced just hours before we were due to set off. What to do? We had planned another rescue in Lincolnshire already and loving homes were waiting. After careful consideration we decided that with only 2 activists (who had already had contact) we could afford one more venture without increased risk of spreading the virus to anyone vulnerable. The only increased risk we could see was that of our liberty if we were caught; that was a risk we were willing to take in order to save lives.

Under the cover of darkness, we drove to our target, feeling very aware of the increased volume of cop cars at the side of the road. Our greatest fear was being pulled with the animals on board before we could get them to safety. Luckily, the cops did not pull our car.

We knew this location well, it was our third visit this week. Each time we had been careful to leave no trace of our visiting, thus enabling a return to the same target. We couldn’t help but wonder if the scum who abused these animals had noticed that 71 chickens had now been liberated from the hell hole in which they were kept.

Knowing the place well made this a quick and easy rescue. We had found homes for 16 more hens, so we quickly collected 16 from the shed and took them back to the car.

The remainder of the night involved driving round and delivering these hens to their new homes (with no human contact).

Thank you to everyone who is able to provide homes for liberated animals, we could not do this without you.