ALF Paints Banner Near Disgusting Rabbit Farm Lisasgarden (Sweden)

reported anonymously:

We sprayed ‘Mördarmalin plågar djur’ on a meat and dairy commercial
banner, by a big road, close to the concentration camp Lisasgården, a
filthy dump of a ‘farm’ where hundreds of rabbits are crambed into small
wire cages, only to be killed for there skin and flesh, by the evil
psykopath Malin Sundmark. Dead bodies were thrown all over the place.

This is how you find the rabbit killer:

Malin Sundmark(Animal abuser)
Rotfallet 24 77596 Krylbo
Social security number:
19731222 -7163

This hellhole will be closed!


Pictures are from the sprayed banner and from the rabbit farm