Lamb Liberated from Little Oakhurst Farm (Kent, UK)

Two anonymous reports, from Unoffensive Animal:

After seeing a BBC Report about Little Oakhurst Brissenden Farm in Kent, we decided to come down and take a look at this filthy shithole it didn’t take long before we were surrounded by the decaying bodies of abused animals.

Walking the fields was hard as the mud was up to our knees, we made our way through the woods where we found this poor baby stuck and abandoned, we dug them out, warmed them up and took them to safety.

No longer will they live in such horror.

Liberation dedicated to Kent Animal Defenders for all of their hard work.


Little Oakhurst Pt2:

Happier but still not content, we returned to the farm, focusing on the wooded areas, finding more animal remains and this poor ram leaning against a tree, drooling from the mouth.

We approached slowly, not wanting to frighten them, when they didn’t try to run, we knew something was wrong and later discovered that they were blind.

Not wanting this animal to become another statistic on this fucking filthy farm, we took them to safety.

A note to the Farmer, We are watching & we WILL be back.