Second Botox Clinic Sabotaged in Switzerland

[There was a similar action reported on September 8th of this year.]

Received anonymously:

Switzerland Colour attack on Botox Clinic
In October we coloured the facade of a clinic for dermatology and plastic surgery in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland blood red. The billboards and letterboxes also had to believe in it. The practice carries out Botox treatments. Here you can find an informative overview of Botox treatments and why we reject them and have set an example in Aargau: We have chosen blood red as the colour because thousands of animals die for the production of Botox. But. Due to the beauty mania of our society and the Botox treatments not only animals die, but also cis and trans women (mainly) are suppressed. We dedicate this attack to the feminist resistance in Rojava! #riseup4rojava