Open Rescue of 14 Chickens, Support Eric King (Czech Republic)

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

Rescue Action XLIX (August 2019) & Support Eric King

We’ve been trying to get into this building for a long time and now it finally worked out. This was the so-called cage-free factory farm. We call it a carpet. That’s because as chicks grow up, you can’t see the floor, it’s just one chick crammed next to another, it’s basically a carpet made of bodies.

The day we entered this building, the chickens were really young, definitely not older than two weeks. And they were so beautiful.

We placed our guards and started looking for the hole in the fence which we have prepared the last time. Finally, we reached the place from which we planned get inside. We pulled up the ladder and Michal climbed it up carefully. To have one person inside was enough, so I stayed on the ladder and secured the window while I was waiting for Michal to hand me the first chick.

Another member of our team stood below me. She secured me and also held the bags in which we carried them.

They were very fast, so it was really difficult to catch them. We managed to save 14 of them.

Finally, we could told the rest of our team to withdraw because we’re going home. We will return. (Lukáš Krása)

Note (Michal Kolesár): Many of those chicks were weak. One of the survivors died before we transported them to the prepared home. That’s because of you who keep feeding it and paying for this. That’s all.

It is not normal that animals are kept in such conditions and for such purposes. It is normal that we do not leave them there.

Support Eric King

In September 2014, Eric was arrested and accused of attempting to attack Kansas City government buildings with a hammer and Molotovs. The charge was based on being previously suspected for the anti-government and anti-police graffiti. He refused a cooperation agreement with state authorities and was sentenced to ten years in prison. He should be released in 2023.

Eric is a vegan and anarchist.