Dermatology Practice Targeted for Botox Use (Switzerland)

Received anonymously:

Sabotage, Switzerland In August 2019 we visited a dermatological
practice in Baselland, switzerland, and poured out a smelly liquid inside the
building, which left a lasting damage behind. This practice carries out Botox
cosmetic therapies. Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin (more precisely
botulinum toxin A), a collective term for neurotoxic proteins. Botulinum toxin
is the deadliest known toxin, a nerve toxin that leads to paralysis. In recent
decades Botox has evolved from a drug to a lifestyle product (the use of Botox
for medical purposes is not discussed here). Approved in 2002, Botox is today
the most widely used anti-wrinkle drug for the treatment of wrinkles caused by
movement. No other treatment in beauty medicine is as common as Botox
injections. This trend is yielding fantastic profits for both Botox producers
and doctors.

The global market for botulinum toxin products is expected to have
reached 2.9 billion US dollars by 2018, with cosmetic applications accounting
for the largest share. Nowhere in the world are there more Botox wrinkle
treatments per capita than in Switzerland. In a Botox wrinkle treatment, the
poison is injected locally, the facial muscles are paralyzed and the wrinkles
are smoothed slightly. The treatment takes half an hour and costs between 300
and 1000 CHF. The smoothing effect of the injection lasts for approx. 3-6
months. After that, another injection is due. Those who get injected once almost
always come back; the demand for botulinum toxin wrinkle treatments has
increased significantly in recent years. Since Botox is such a powerful nerve
poison that it can easily be fatally overdosed, the Botox content in each
production unit must be checked. This is done by injecting at least 100 mice of
Botox into their abdominal cavity and determining the dose required until 50% of
the animals are dead (the so-called ‘LD50 test’, ‘Lethal Dose 50 test’).
However, these animals do not simply die, but suffer a painful death from nerve
paralysis (including muscle paralysis, impaired vision and shortness of breath)
until they suffocate from respiratory paralysis. This can take several days.
After 3 to 4 days, the LD50 value is determined by the number of animals killed.

This means that for every Botox treatment (= at least one production unit) to
smooth out a few wrinkles, a few hundred mice have to die in agony. Worldwide,
around 600,000 mice are used every year for Botox tests (Wikipedia). The real
number may be much higher, but the production companies do not publish the
statistics. The ban on animal testing for cosmetics does not apply, as botulinum
toxin products are approved as medicines and are injected for use rather than
simply applied. Animal testing has increased enormously worldwide due to the
increased cosmetic use of Botox. For people undergoing Botox poison treatment,
the risks include unintentional paralysis of muscles and serious nerve damage
without medical necessity for the procedure. Botox also makes our feelings
atrophy. From Wikipedia: ‘If botulinum toxin paralyses the emotional facial
expressions, then emotion-processing brain regions – such as the left amygdala – also restrict their activity.

This prevents mimic replay and thus understanding
of emotions (’embodied emotion’).’ The beauty industry (including social media)
dictates an unreal, completely unattainable and impossible body ideal. People
are under a lot of pressure to achieve this, and many can’t withstand the
pressure. The beauty industry kills! It is mainly women who have their wrinkles
injected away with Botox. We do not condemn the individuals who are forced by
our society to adapt their appearance to strict gender norms and conceptions,
because their ‘value’ otherwise decreases or they are threatened with violence.
In particular, we do not condemn, for example, trans women for whom a good
‘passing’ is eminent, in order to be less harassed, threatened and attacked on
the street, in order to keep the job or apartment, etc. This is not superficial
fun, but an existential question. The expensive Botox treatment is unaffordable
for most people anyway, which sets the bar very high for ‘good looks’ and

We join together and defend ourselves against this industry, which
makes money with the death of living beings and the destruction of the
self-confidence of (mostly) femininities. Let us attack the industry and this
society, let’s destroy what destroys us (and other living beings)! In solidarity
with all the animals exploited and killed in the beauty industry – In solidarity
with all those who suffer from the beauty industry and social norms – For
liberation from all that chains us – For anarchy We use the communiqué to call
for resistance against the ‘march for life’ of the christian fundamentalists on
14 September 2019, Zurich. Against Christian fundamentalism, which wants to
control and regiment the bodies and reproduction of Inter, Trans*, non-binary
and female persons and to dispose of them! We ourselves decide about our bodies and throw your deadly norms and your repressive morals overboard!