Hunting Tower Destroyed (Germany)

Received anonymously from Underground Badger Syndicate:

Whilst wandering through the Hambach Forest this morning, we noticed a brand new hunting tower had appeared right next to the tragic carcass of one that had previously been rendered unusable. It seems the local hunt scum are a little slow to pick up on the message – we will not allow you to murder the inhabitants of Hambi.

We removed the salt block used to lure the hunted towards the guns and stashed it far away. The legs of the tower were severed using some fancy new hand saws which made toppling the thing a fucking breeze.

After further dismantling the wreckage, we decided that such valuable building material was too good to be left behind, so carried away plenty of stuff to be re-appropriated in the forest occupation. That roofing material is gonna be fucking sweeet on the treehouse.

Hunt scum, be warned! We know every millimetre of this forest and we will find and destroy all your trash.