ALF Torches Fur Farmer’s Car (Sweden)

Received anonymously:


Early on Friday morning we visited the house of mink fur farmer Niclas Pettersson and set fire to one of his cars. We left under the wheel two small bottles with less than 500ml of gasoline stolen from a different fur farm and lit a fuse made of firelighters.

The posh cars proudly displayed outside his house were bought with the blood money profits from his despicable operation.

The loss of one car and the damage of another cannot even begin to be compared to the amount of misery and suffering Nicolas causes to the thousands of individuals inside his fur farm, who are forced to spend their entire lives in a tiny wire cage, then brutally and painfully murdered for the vanity of humans.

We have a message for you, Nicolas: We have already won. The question remains – how much do we need to escalate before you give up? We will keep increasing our actions until you stop, until your fur farm is closed and your exploitation of animals is consigned to history.

For a future of freedom and a present of fire.

Expect us.

Animal Liberation Front.