ALF Sabotage at Gothenburg Zoo (Sweden)

Received anonymously:

The park named Slottsskogen in sweden was in the past few days attacked by ALF activists.
Slottsskogen is an open free to enter state-owned park which keeps animals such as penguins, seals, elks, reindeer, rabbits and many many more animals confined in despicable enclosures. Some seals at the park have been there for more than 39 years, in a cement bowl without even a rock on the bottom. Some penguins suffer from painful beak mutations, and was for a long time only housed inside a small little house and still are during the winter. Rabbits, goats and many more animals are confined in what is called ‘Kid’s zoo’ a petting zoo located in the park where the staff each seasons end kills all the baby animals.

The text sprayed on maps, streets and walls says ‘Slottsskogen murders small rabbits’ and by the seals ‘We belong in the ocean’ and ‘killers’

Slottsskogen zoo is the shame of Gothenburg!