Hundreds of Pheasants Liberated (Bodmin, UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal:

In the early hours of this morning we visited ‘Colquite’ a game farm just north of Bodmin.

We checked out the battery cages, two rows of these small raised cages were totally overgrown, the third row looked brand new, but was as expected for this time of year currently empty.

We soon located 6 pens full of breeding birds, we estimate around 800 -1,200, these will have soon gone into the small battery cages, all of their many thousands of offspring would have been hatched and in turn raised in battery farm conditions and then released to guns this autumn.

We quickly set to work, cutting down sections of the sides of the pens and the net roofs, in a matter of minutes hundreds of birds were flying up into the night air.

The weather was on our side and any noise we or the birds made was covered by the wind.

This action is dedicated to Anna Campbell who died on this day last year.

Animal Liberation Front