Walter Bond: On Mono-Theism, Human Overpopulation and More

The first time I was ever caught for arson was in 1997 when I broke into and burnt a huge pentagram into the altar at the united methodist church, across the street from the police station, in Mason City, Iowa. I remember when I lit the pentagram how the butane flickered blue for a solid three seconds before the bright yellow flames rose and leapt from the carpet. It really was a beautiful sight to behold.

In the monotheistic religions we find the origin of the filth and saturation of human supremacy. A cursory look at genesis in the ‘holy’ bible gives us the impression that god created the whole universe, all of creation, the Earth, Animals and everything that could ever be extracted from the air, soil and water all for the use and abuse of man.

How spectacularly egotistical! How phenomenally megalomaniacal! What insane vanity! To think that all things are put here for our utility and are at there best only when becoming useful to us. Why, the whole point of life is to simply rise to the level of being crushed under our feet! convenience in the extreme.

It is this primary idea of supremacy, that gave way and legitimized the institutionalization of slavery, patriarchy and hierarchy that came to plague all open societies ever since. In fact we find this primary idea as a theme that gets repeated over and over again in all the world scriptures, sagas and religious mythologies. It is the unquestioned given. The first step that is always overlooked.

In the koran we read that Iblis is turned to Satan because he has the audacity to question god about why he plans on putting a being, man, in charge of the Earth when mankind is such a wicked and selfish mess. For this Iblis is cast out upon which he vows to stand against humanity directly in their path of religion. How glorious then is Satan! He seems to me to be the primordial Animal rights activist as he places Animals and the Earth above man and god, well done! too bad he didn’t spit in gods eye on the way out the door just for good measure.

Of course, all this is only so much theater. Just as was my burning a pentagram in the altar of a upper middle class white church so many years ago. One does not combat Santa Claus by believing in Krampus, no! to do so is to fall right back into the same stupid games of delusional fantasy. The only way to truly combat fantasy is with reality.

And the truth is that (drum roll please): lo and behold all this is fraud! The catholic pedophile is no more holy than the secular pedarest! The hindu fakir is no less a lying greedy con artist than the ponzi scheming capitalist. The santero and priests of vodun see no more in their false pattern recognitions than do the so-called psychics, palm readers, numerologists, astrologers or paranoid schizophrenics! No meat eating mystic, no native or indigenousness hallucinogenic drug addict has anything more sacred to offer than can be experienced at practically any house party, on any given night, anywhere in america!

The truth is you live and then you die and that is the end of you! We all came from the same place, the womb, and we all will go to the same place, the dirt. The moment after death will be the same as the moment before your birth, you will not exist.

Nor is human life even sacred. the Earth deals in an abundance, not scarcity. Just as with all life. in fact, at this point in our evolution people have become a positive nuisance, numerically speaking, a blight on the face of Mother Earth, and a terror to all else that lives.

So what is the point of life?

Well, if you are an Atheist you get to decide what life will mean to you. Like an adult you can discern from the relevant information, separate fact from fiction and chart your own course. And if that’s too much for you (as it is for most people) you can grab a hold of the crutch of fantasy. You can become like all true believers in the lie, a pusillanimous mental gelding that retreats into a world of nonsense, chanting and hysterics. But don’t expect the rest of us to believe, pay lip service to, or even respect your pathological shibboleths.

It also must be stressed that it’s time for a full reversal of what passes for ‘morality’ of a religious nature. All this nonsense about ‘traditional family values’, sexual normalcy, the sanctity of (human) life, fetuses, zygotes…….. whatever. All these self righteous and archaic ideas of what is ‘natural’ are pure fiction. And it is fiction of a particularly dangerous variety in this day and age of global warming and over population. The truth is that the less people, the better.

Why? because from the point of view of the Earth, as well as the vast communities of life She sustains, humans, since the advent of the industrial revolution have been killing the planet for the sake of our ‘way of life’. So obviously, our way of life must change. that is far more reasonable than oh, I dunno, killing the Earth and all life upon her.

what is best for the totality, the diversity of species is my reason for what’s right. What will help the Earth survive is the foundational support of my ‘morality’, and I use the term loosely. Not belief in some mythical airy beings that roam around the cosmos making things out of no things. Nor is it some pile of trash scripture that dictates trite and shoddy proverbs of behavior originated by out and out charlatans!

No, and once again no! Let us usher in, and champion an age of abortion, birth control, homosexuality and euthanasia. Let’s spay and neuter ourselves instead of our ‘pets’! Lets allow the rinderpest that is humanity to decline, to wither and rot on the vine so that the Earth may take her time and heal from the plague that was wrought upon her by the infection of the non-Vegan. And let the very Idea of god, the supernatural, and every form of it’s imposition be destroyed and held in nothing but utter contempt.

Walter Bond
‘The Wolf’