3 Chickens Liberated from “Organic” Farm (UK)

Received anonymously:

Three chickens liberated from this organic farm. We are given the impression that organic farms provide more humane conditions. As you can see here that is not the case. Like non organic raised chickens, Many of the animals here find it too difficult to stand and those that do collapse under their own weight after moments. Because of this they all have urine burns on their featherless skin. When I opened the door there were rats running over them.

I grabbed the babies and made off past the farmhouse, the occupants well asleep. One of the babies still can’t stand for very long but eventually they will, all living out a safe existence.

These were my first rescue. I wasn’t scared. Just fucked off and determined to make things right. I cried tears of victory as I made off down the lane with them.

South, UK