New Publication: 18 Theses on Marxism and Animal Liberation

Dear comrades, dear colleagues and friends,

we’re very happy to announce that our text “18 Theses on Marxism and Animal Liberation” is now published both online on facebook  ( and in PDF format (

It is the English translation of a text we first published in German in 2017. It aims at showing the common ground of Animal Liberation politics, which up to now are mostly dominated by rather postmodernist and liberal approaches, on the one hand, and Marxism, which in general has not explicitly set up a position towards the question of animals until now, on the other.

We think that Animal Liberation politics and anti-Speciesism must be rooted in Marxist theory and politics, whereas Marxism in turn has to regard Animal Liberation as something which is obligatory for historical materialists and those who want to abolish all forms of bourgeois exploitation and oppression. This is what the 18 Theses are trying to argue and we hope that they will contribute to a productive debate. In Germany, a number of reviews have already been published and we have discussed the topic with both Marxist and communist organizations and animal liberationists on several occasions.

So, we’d be happy if you want to discuss the text, write a review or help letting others know about it. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know and we’d be happy to answer them.

In solidarity,

Bündnis Marxismus und Tierbefreiung/Alliance for Marxism and Animal Liberation

Bündnis Marxismus und Tierbefreiung/Alliance for Marxism and Animal Liberation is an association of people active in the animal liberation movement and in the communist left. We’re active since around 2014, have organized speaking events, took part in demonstrations and political events and published several articles, leaflets and other texts (of which some have been translated into English, too). Our main platform currently is our Facebook page, which can be found here:

Bündnis Marxismus und Tierbefreiung