ALF Liberates 13 Chickens and Ducks (UK)

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal:

In the middle of the night and after making sure that the farmer and the dog were fast asleep, we accessed a rare breed bird farm. From golden pheasants to peacocks, any kind of bird that could be purchased as an ornament for a garden somewhere in a posh house was being bred here.

Because of the proximity to the farmer’s house the action had to be undertaken quickly. Eight hens and five ducks were swiftly placed in carriers and taken to safety. The farmer would’ve made over £1000 out of those 13 animals.

The locks in the 4×4 owned by the farmer, including the steering wheel clamp, were glued with sticks inside. Graffiti was left in the walls reading ‘we will be back’ and ‘ALF’.

We would like to dedicate the action to our comrade UPiii, who was imprisoned in Germany for fighting to protect the forest. UPiii had been given 9 months in prison and the police knew her identity all along. UPiii has a name, Samantha Hattonen, and we will tirelessly fight for her until she has her freedom back and can fight for herself.

We are wildfire. You might contain a few embers, but we are burning through and turning any barriers to ashes. We are everywhere. We are angry. We are not stopping until all are free.

Animal Liberation Front.