Open Rescue of Pig from Slaughterhouse in Belgium

Report by 269 Libération Animale – Belgique on July 4 (click here to view video from the action):

Early this morning, more than 70 activists of 269 Libération Animale have entered into the slaughterhouse of Tielt in Belgium in order to release an individual. Following the offensive activism led against the speciesist & initiated by the organization, all the activists are going chain themselves to the death row in order to blockade it as much as possible, to paralyze the system.

Well-known for its scandals, Tielt’s slaughterhouse is equipped of many cameras surveillance. It’s absolute time to invade those places, to setup a power relationship with the speciesist industries & institutions. Neo-welfarist reforms confirm the passivity of our movement, they do nothing but worsen the current situation of exploited animals. A « clean death » under video supervision is not what we want. Indeed, it’s time to end this useless slaughter.