Open Rescue of 18 Baby Goats (Switzerland)

report from 269 Libération Animale – Suisse:

Today, 27th March 2018, 11 activists of the Swiss team of 269 Libération Animale entered the slaughterhouse of Rolle (Vaud) and exfiltrated 18 baby goats who should have died otherwise for the dairy industry.
Indeed, male baby goats are considered useless by this industry as they cannot be exploited for milk. So, they end up after a few months to a slaughterhouse and are killed for a piece of meat or a carpet.
Direct actions save lives and by acting out of the law, we reinforce our message for a radical change in society towards other animals!
Animals do not want bigger cages, they want to be free from harm and murder!
Be determined to change their fate no matter the cost!