Fur Shop Windows Painted in Orebro (Sweden)

Received anonymously:

25th of March. Örebro, Sweden. The windows of the shop ‘Strandbergs’ that
sells the fur of innocent animals were sprayed with the message ‘fur is
murder’. The same shop where locks have been glued in the past few weeks. I
want to encourage every activist to hit the streets and act for the animals
during the week leading up to Easter, a time when the consumption of
tortured beings skyrockets. It’s easy to feel like total liberation is
impossible during these ‘holidays’ but let’s show the animal abusers how
strong we are!

‘throw a stone

throw another

fire a poem

slash a tire

raise a fist

raise your voice

raise a child

wear a mask

paint a slogan

paint a dream

honor the martyrs

build a barricade

build a network

claim your history

claim the streets

sing a message

shoot a bullet

sow a seed

set a fire

break a window

break a sweat

rent a safehouse

learn from workers

teach a comrade

mark the time

free a p.o.w.

steal the files

steel your heart

hound a landlord

feed the homeless

squat a building

join a cell

learn a kata

memorize the code

cut the bars

vault the fence

clear the perimeter

swim the river

disarm a cop

disable a missile

create a diversion

tell a joke

secure a march

walk the picket

pick a lock

bait a trap

spring an ambush

blow a horn

make a plan

plan a back-up

wreck the tracks

print a leaflet

forge a document

shelter a fugitive

bind a wound

love a friend

hold a lantern

hold your ground

clean your weapon

practice your aim

strike a chord

strike a blow

tell the truth

trick the man

hold a meeting

take a beating

hold your tongue

watch your back

watch the sky

cut a trail

leave no traces

pick a target

launch a rocket

lose a tail

find your hope

raise the stakes

change your name

wipe for prints

test a theory

challenge a dogma

cut the wires

slip the noose

slip the checkpoint

use your fear

tighten the drum

plant a thought

tend the orchard

cherish a tear

commit it to memory

check your ego

study the map

deal with the traitors

silence the snitch

start from scratch

carry your weight

take on some more

fight to love

say it again

cross the line

take us with you

don’t look back