Animal Liberation Prisoner Walter Bond Back In The CMU

From: WALTER EDMUND BOND (37096013)

Date: 2/22/2018 9:08:48 AM

Subject: Back In The CMU


I was transferred from solitary confinement in FCI Greenville Tuesday, the 13th of February, 2018. According to my notice of transfer I am here because “On December 4th, 2017, the SIS office at FCI Greenville completed an investigation and determined that on November 15, 2017, you enlisted the help of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, (NAALPO relays anonymous communiques, photos and videos to the media about direct action undertaken by radical animal rights activists) to encourage members of the public to e-mail and call FCI Greenville, in order to disrupt normal operations in an effort to pressure the executive staff to agree to several demands to address perceived grievances you have with the institution and the Bureau Of Prisons. Utilizing the inmate telephone system, you provided a recorded message which was released as a podcast, announcing your intention to engage in a hunger strike, outlining your grievances and encouraging supporters to contact the institution in support of your demands. To deter your continued attempts of using inmate communications to convey threats to injure and/or kill civilians; it is recommended that you be placed in a Communications Management Unit (CMU) for increased monitoring of your communications to protect the safety, security and good order of BOP institutions, government officials and the public.”

I was transferred in the morning in what looked like a hybrid between a tank and an armored car. by a team of CERT officers that looked like some sort of counter-terrorism Navy Seal team. I was shackled in a black box device that went over my handcuffs for further restriction and strapped to a chair and locked in a steel box barely big enough to house me and the hardware I was secured too. On top of this the transport vehicle was escorted by cars in front and back. Slightly excessive, in my opinion.

This is my second time in a CMU, my first was in USP Marion and I was there for 3 years. I currently have 3 years remaining on my sentence and I have no doubt I will be here until my release in 2021. In this CMU is the regular cast of characters, high profile cases, political prisoners, religious lunatics, and assorted thorns in the BOP’s side. I have no real desire to concern myself with the issues or comings and goings of the men here. My last time in a CMU I was taken in by all the hype that these units engender, culminating in my becoming a Muslim, a mistake that I will always find a bit embarrassing having always been an irreligious person. of course today I am just as god-free, as I am drug-free, or meat-free. and much better for the wear.

Before my transfer to this CMU I was in solitary confinement in FCI Greenville for 3 months and I had left the foolishness of religion and imaginary lawmakers in the sky behind a couple years prior, and what I have found is I’m stronger, more aware and far better prepared to deal with any hardship when I believe in myself instead of false prophets and fake gods (and they are all fake and false).

I am currently waiting for my property to be mailed to me from FCI Greenville I have been told that my regular correspondence mail will be forwarded to me here in FCI Terre Haute for 30 days only. I am uncertain if any books or magazine subscriptions will be forwarded at all. In any event I will be posting a new booklist soon and I am requesting that for the time being I NOT be sent any books that are not on my list, or that I have not personally asked for, so as to not slow down the processing of my mail or bottleneck the amount of books I am allowed. However, Feel free to send any magazines or periodicals (especially Spanish language).


Walter Bond

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Walter Bond
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