Degenerates, Mental Defectives & Cold-Blooded Murderers at Wild Abundance still whining about the Press Office…

Dr. Jerry Vlasak explains the issue to dimwitted “journalist.”

“But Vlasak isn’t buying it. “The message they are sending is that it is OK to eat meat, and that is why they are teaching you how to do that,” he says. “They are teaching a select few privileged individuals that happen to own enough land to raise their own animals and happen to have enough money to pay them to show them how to do it.”


Full Voice Recording of Dr. Jerry Vlasak Interview with Journalist re Sheep Killers…/full-voice-recording-of-dr…/s-BJfzj

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Should you like to register your disgust and outrage with the perpetrators of this senseless, needless and bloody violence at ‘Wild Abundance’, you may reach them at:

Wild Abundance
72 Sanford Way
Weaverville, NC 28787

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