24 Hens Rescued from Poultry Farm (Czech Republic)

Report from michalkolesar.net (click here for more photos from the rescue):

Open rescue XXXV (October 2017) & Support Lucy a Ethel

Rain and mud. I dropped Lukas and our anonymous friend close to poultry farm and I drove on to park at suitable place which was about three kilometers from there. After that I went to them.

The anonymous friend stayed out as a guard and we went for the hens. What could I write? Over and over, still the same.

We took 24 hens tonight. Lukas held the bags and I put them in. Later in the car we put them into special box and we will take them to new homes.

Support Lucy a Ethel

Support for Lucy and Ethel, two piglets who have been rescued from one farm in Utah U.S. by activists’ group called DxE. Morons from FBI decided to find and take them back to hell because they think they should be there.

They are raiding shelters, annoying animals and they cut ears off piglets which they can find so they could analyse their DNA to find out if it’s not Lucy or Ethel.

You should read their story: https://www.directactioneverywhere.com/#face-the-truth