Public “Humane” Execution of Sheep To Continue Weekly Until “Trump’s Agenda is Passed”

For Immediate Release
October 6, 2017

Public “Humane” Execution of Sheep To Continue Weekly Until “Trump’s Agenda is Passed”
Wild Abundance Farm in Western North Carolina Responds with Renewed Threats to Compassionate Activists

Asheville, NC: In retribution for the concerns expressed by animal advocates, members of Wild Abundance Farm have threatened to execute another sheep every week until “Donald Trump’s agenda gets through”. They did not specify what part of Mr. Trump’s agenda they were supporting, but told an inquiring citizen of their apparently political agenda. The original killing of an innocent sheep was scheduled for November 4th at 72 Sanford Way, Weaverville, NC 28787. The farm purportedly is charging $250 – $450 to anyone who wants to watch and learn the finer points and niceties of “humane slaughter” as the animal is executed for their profit.

Meredith Leigh and Natalie Bogwalker (at left), principals at ‘Wild Abundance’ ( have referred to the killing as ‘sacred’; both women are former vegans who cynically transitioned to the realm of butchery for profit, as explained on their website. Last year, efforts to stop the execution were unsuccessful, while bringing widespread publicity to the event.

As so eloquently stated last year by Adam Sugalski, executive director of One Protest, “We’re deeply disturbed by the DIY animal slaughter and butchering class at Wild Abundance and appalled by Wild Abundance’s effort to put an ethical and ‘sacred’ spin on for-profit, gruesome backyard slaughter for inexperienced hobbyists.”

A petition to stop the killing has been started here and already has 429 signers.

Since issuing the initial press release two days ago, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office has become aware of additional individuals involved in the murder of these animals. While not all of their formal positions are directly tied to the slaughter, the following persons are listed as instructors at Wild Abundance Farm, the perpetrator of these horrific events, and are therefore culpable in the approaching senseless murder of these innocent beings. Should you like to register your disgust and outrage with the perpetrators of this senseless, needless and bloody violence at ‘Wild Abundance’, you may reach them at:

Wild Abundance
72 Sanford Way
Weaverville, NC 28787

Meredith Leigh, author of The Ethical Meat Handbook: Complete Butchery, Charcuterie & Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore
(828) 222-3686

Natalie Bogwalker
(828) 775-7052

Annie, previously identified as Emily Bell

Barron Brown

Benjamin Portwood

Becky Beyer

Cailen Campbell

Chuck Marsh

Emily Bell

Juliet Blankespoor

Laura Ruby

Luke Cannon

Mollie Curry

Tony Troia

Tyler Lavenburg
Contact: (213) 640-5048
Animal Liberation Press Office
825-C Merrimon Ave
Asheville, NC 28804