Open Rescue of Hens in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

“Open rescue XXXII (July 2017) & Support Fermare Green Hill

It was a clear night. We slowly waded through the wet grass to the grounds. In twenty halls there were tens of thousands of imprisoned birds.

The patrols were on their spots, the connection was on and we waited for the time when the guard makes his rounds.

Getting into the first hall was quick, but it was empty. We didn’t manage to get into the second one. We continued to the third one. In few minutes the lock gave in. Inside we found bird-ladies that were not yet tattered or broken. They could have live in this misery for two or three weeks.

We take eight of them and go home.

Support Fermare Green Hill

October 30th is the first court date for five people who occupied pharma lab of University in Milan for more than 10 hours in april 2013.”