Snitch Andrew Darst Still Trying to Infiltrate Activists

On May 5, 2017, someone presenting themselves as federal informant
Andrew Clark Darst tried (again) to establish communication with
organizers he informed against in the lead-up to the 2008 RNC. His email is copied at the end of this message, in its entirety.

We are bewildered, dismayed and angered by the bizarre entitlement of the email. The author, apparently the same person who spent a full year lying to people to gain their trust, all the while sharing all the
information he gathered with the FBI, dares to ask /us/ for privacy. He
points out that our shining a light on his actions may damage his career options; ironic given the effect that being prosecuted for ‘terrorism’ and ‘conspiracy’ as a result of his betrayal has had on some of us. He bemoans having his picture out there; need we note that our own mug shots still come up almost 10 years later when you search our names?

We don’t know why Darst would want to ‘open communication’ but,
regardless of his reasons, we’re not willing. You don’t get to
perpetrate deep harm against an entire community, and then entirely
without invitation demand that those you harmed take steps to help you
feel ‘safe.’ We are not interested in making him feel safe or
comfortable communicating with us. The opposite, in fact: there is no
room for State collaborators in our movements, and we would never take
any action that might help pave the way for his return. When you snitch,
you’re out.

See our previous statement on who Andrew Darst is and what he did, here:

A picture of him is available here:

Stay vigilant, stay strong, and fuck snitches.