In response to Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross

In response to a recent declarative statement at a Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross meeting, whilst planning to serve animal flesh at an upcoming event: “Eating meat is not oppressive”.

BRABC will be remembered by us as an ideologically inconsistent organization unwilling to address their prejudices, support and praxis of oppression and exploitation of “others” who are unfortunate enough to have been born a different species. While you purport to want the dissolution of one prison system and freedom for its confinees, you actively promote a far larger, more cruel and destructive prison system housing non-human animals.

Frankly, I am surprised the local “anarchist” community allows this support of speciesist behavior amongst its members. As Matt wrote recently in a proposed statement on behalf of same community “people exhibiting oppressive behavior, politicians, political parties, police and others seeking to impose their worldview in a hierarchical manner are not welcome in this space.” Animal exploitation, confinement, rape, torture and mass murder, all inherent in the current system of “meat” production, defines oppressive and hierarchical behavior, and should not be tolerated in our community or elsewhere.

Respect for your anti-racism, sexism, fascism, ableism and other isms, but non-human animals represent the most oppressed group on the planet, and deserve our succor in addition to our vehement efforts to liberate them.

Will Hazlitt, Jerry Vlasak
North American Animal Liberation Press Office, in toto

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