Open Rescue of Hens in Czech Republic

report from (click here for more photos from the rescue):

During Easter we went for a couple of plucked hens. One anonymous girlfriend layed down in the grass nearby gatehouse of the poultry house and patrolled the guard. I went with Lukas to the grounds. There was several dead hens in front of one hall. Lukas stayed outside the hall and I went in. There was only silence and vacuity. All hens were taken to the slaughterhouse because of holidays. We were late by two or three days.

Over the years, I know how such a picking up is going on. Transports and brigaders will come and hens are picked up into crates. They break their wings and legs, but nothing, they’re just chickens, and they’re still going under the leash.

I walked through the aisle between the cages and observed them. Some of them will stay. Just without water and feeding.

I found them. They were crowded at each other in the corner of one cage. They survived the hard picking up to the slaughterhouse, they were sentenced to death in the hall without water and feeding, and now they will survive this.

When I pulled them out, they screamed in horror-struck. I was reassuring them that it would be good for them, just hold out.

We are going home.