Statement by Debbie Vincent the day before being released from prison…

“I am proud to know wonderful people around the world who continue to try to make a difference and I am inspired by their courage, compassion, hope and tenacity to challenge human-made violence, cruelty and oppression in an indifferent capitalist world that cause huge suffering to animals, human and the environment alike. All forms of oppression are interconnected and many, many victim’s voices aren’t heard or ignored.

Being in prison hasn’t dampened my resolve to continue challenging and trying to change these injustices, wrong-doings, cruelty and all oppression. I’ll try to continue to live my life in a way that respects and enhance the freedom of others, whatever their species, gender, race, etc, I live a privileged life and I will try and use that privilege to help those less fortunate than me.

I am lucky compared to so many. All the friendship, love support and solidarity I have received from friends and fellow campaigners from around the world over the past three years of my incarceration has been awesome, humbling and very much appreciated thank you!

Although my incarceration is coming to an end, my licence conditions until 2020 will continue the punitive control and in some ways, I’ll be more restricted.

But although I might not be totally free, my heart, mind and soul will always be crying out in anger at the injustice in the world.

My MAPPA licence will start on 13/04/17 when I leave prison and go to a bail hostel in Reading, where I’ll have to reside for 1-6 months. At present, I don’t know where I will be allowed to live after that. My licence conditions have been put together by the police and prohibition.

But in summary: not to commit any offence and be of good behaviour; keep in contact with the supervising officer as well as visits by them; reside permanently at an approved address in Reading; have to gain advance permission of approval of any work activity not to travel outside the UK; not to own or possess more than one mobile and give all details of that phone to supervising officer; not to discuss or act to promote radicalisation of extremism; not to contact any of the SHAC UK defendants; not to associate with anyone employed by numerous companies that have been involved with HLS (now Envigo)’ not to contact any serving prisoners; not to contact any person when I know or believe have been charged or convicted, of any extremist related offence; not to participate in organising/contributing to any demonstration, meeting gathering or website; if i use a car inform them prior to use and give all details; report to staff at hostel 5 times during the day; not to use computers or internet capable devices(and specifically not to delete browser histories) without prior approved and specified use at approved public location only. Of course, I am going to challenge these conditions once I get released. But I’ll make the best of my circumstances and it won’t be forever.

We are all part of a huge and diverse planet. Without moral responsibility for the well-being and future of all living beings on it, life will not be sustainable. We must continue to act, in however small, a way, to create a better, just and compassionate world for all its inhabitants, not just certain population of one destructive species – humans.

Have hope, have strength, keep on, keeping on to make this mad, bad world better for all.

Lots of love, rage, respect, total liberation, lentils and large purple vegan hugs!!

Debbie xx”

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