ALF Targets Pheasant Shooting Estate in UK

Received anonymously:

ALF targeted a pheasant shooting estate at the beginning of December. 55 feeding stations were destroyed. A pheasant pen over 200 sqm was completely put down. Aniseed and feed trails were traced towards the outside of the shooting estate to attract the birds to safety. The cabins were spray painted to ensure the owners got the message.

Reports after the attack confirm that the birds have moved positively outside of the game areas. We know the gamekeepers will really struggle this holidays, knowing that they charge 1000 pounds per gun/day and there are no birds to shoot.

We would like to show our respect to our comrades at Hunt Saboteurs Association, whom have seen some horrible killings of foxes lately and have been ignored, once again, by the ‘authorities’.

We will never give up. We are everywhere. We will not rest until the oppression is lifted. Until every animal is free. ALF.