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ALF Action – December 2007 – Renogenic animal lab, Malaysia

Malaysia is well known to Western animal rights activists for the threats that hunting and habitat destruction pose to orangutans. But recently another animal issue has emerged: the outsourcing of animal testing by biotech companies to Asian countries with lax (or non-existent) regulations and cheap operating costs. The Malaysian government further makes itself attractive by proudly declaring itself a proponent of animal testing. In defense of the construction of an Indian animal testing facility in 2010 Malacca chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam stated: “God created animals for the benefits of human beings. That’s why he created rats and monkeys … This is the way it has to be. God created monkeys, and some have to be tested.”

But wherever there is animal exploitation, there will be resistance. Malaysia is one of the over 40 countries worldwide where the ALF operates. On Christmas morning of 2007, activists struck a blow to animal testing by raiding Renogenic (now Romer Labs®) animal lab in Science University of Malaysia.

According to the January 3, 2008 communiqué: “We climbed through window and break the exit door. We saved 8 rabbits which are in bad conditions. There are a few patches on their body. We put them in the boxes and bring them out from this misery. Spray painted ‘Test on yourself, we are going home – the rabbits’ ‘This is just the beginning, close down or we will come back’

For Barry.

Barry Horne, whose November 5, 2001 death by hunger strike was recently commemorated by the Press Office, was an animal liberation activist went on hunger strike several times in protest against government support for the vivisection industry, and their broken pre-election promises about animal experiments.


A minute-and-a-half video of the raid:


For more on Minister Rustam’s views on animal testing:


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