Are you leaving your comrades behind?

E-News-15-06 (5)by cindyacrabb

Marius Mason says he has hardly gotten any mail lately. We are trying to figure out if mail is not getting through, or if no one is writing.

Write him at:

M(arie) Mason
FMC Carswell
PO Box 27137
Ft. Worth TX 76127

Also remember to donate to the fundraiser. Marius has so little access to the outside world, being able to take a classes is important. A basic need at this point. You can donate through paypal to the supportmariusmason at riseup dot net email or the…/marius-mason-s-educ…/x/14986775.

Only 7 people have donated so far, which is pretty pathetic. Please don’t leave Marius behind. He fought/continues to fight for you, for the animals, for the earth. Fight for him.Don’t leave him behind.