Oct 13

A Statement from Animal Liberation Prisoner Water Bond: “Five Years Ago on October 13, 2011”

In a Corrlink’s email, Walter Bond recently commented on his sentencing 5 years ago on October 13, 2011 in Federal District Court, Salt Lake City, Utah:

2016bondWALTER EDMUND BOND (37096013)
9/26/2016 3:53:00 PM
A Reminder

I remember October 13th, 2011 well. I had already been in county jail for a year and a half and had already been sentenced to 5 years in federal prison for burning down the Sheepskin factory in Colorado. my lawyer had spent the last 8 months trying to talk me out of making any statement because the reverberations of my last speech in Colorado were still fresh and the court in Utah was already pissed off that I had the audacity to question their morality and to not equivocate in the faces of the judge, so-called victims and the media.

And I paid a very real price for this Utah statement. had the judge decided to show me mercy he could have ran my sentence together with Colorado instead of consecutive. In essence this statement turned my sentence into 12 years 4 months instead of 7 years 4 months.

6 years and some months later I sit in prison with a few more years to go before I see freedom but I still do not regret anything I have done. In fact, sometimes when I feel the drift of time, or I feel as if I’m losing sight of who I am, or when the happenings of the outside world seem so distant from me that I struggle to see there relevance. I read these statements and I remember.

I remember that I am not adrift, I remember that I did what I could. I fought to make this Earth a better place for Animals and I remember that the only regrets I still truly harbor are the regrets of the human centric world in which I still live. And I don’t mean just within these prison walls. I mean a world in which Animals Lives are so cheap that they die by the billions upon billions and hardly a person cares. A world in which human supremacy has reached dizzying heights. A world in which the vanity of our species collective unconscious has turned our kind into a plague that ravages the Earth and breeds discord where once there was balance. A world of human filth and greed.

Perhaps it’s not a world I can escape. Perhaps it’s not even a world I can change in any lasting way, but it’s a world I can resist  and it’s one that needs to be resisted. Humans have pushed the pendulum so far in the direction of self-interest as a species that it will have to swing just as hard in the opposite direction before balance becomes established. The fang and claw, the paw and wing, the fur and fin must become far exalted above the thumb of the dumb destructive human scavenger that gnaws on the flesh and bones of our Animal brothers and sisters, like an aberrant lunatic in comparison to the Vegan way of harmony and concern.

I am reminded when I read this court statement that Animal Liberation rightfully takes its place amongst social justice movements of all kinds. And I am reminded of how time and time again Animal Liberation needs to be explained to people in just such human centered ways for them to see it’s legitimacy.

And finally I am reminded of where my allegiances belong. And it’s not with humans, for we have become a blight upon nature. nor is it with “god” because you will find more real and genuine love and compassion in a dog, squirel or rat than some fictitious meglomaniac in the nebulous world of imaginary bullshit where god and company resides. and it’s not with human centered morals and philosophical ethics which always are just as often self serving, human centered, mental masterbation. My allegiance is with our Mother Earth and her Animal nations and against the further expansion and domination of the human cancer that plagues the biosphere.

Of course these are thoughts that come to my mind on this day as I read my own words and look back. maybe it is a statement you have only read for the first time or maybe you read it before. in any event I hope that it makes you think a little about the struggle for Animals and that it may give you a little bit of the solace that it gives me reflecting from my prison cell. Or some of the courage and determination that I had when I stared down a federal judge and spoke an unpopular truth in his face. Until next time take care and I’ll do the same. !Liberacion Animal, cueste lo que cueste!


Walter Bond



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